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Construction Funds Disbursement

A IJC maintains a full-service disbursement program to efficiently manage and process construction progress draw disbursements draw requests quickly and accurately. Comprehensive accounting and streamlined communication services include disbursement processing, title search, inspection report, lien waivers, and escrow accounting.

Construction Cost Budget Analysis

Our team’s in-house experienced cost estimators review plans, specifications, and budget, providing you with a detailed report and opinion regarding adequacy of the construction funds.

Construction Progress Inspections

Our seasoned professional inspectors visit the construction site, photograph and evaluate the construction progress, and complete a thorough, written report to determine funding decisions.

Builder Review

Services include license verification, bonding and insurance validation, work-in-progress study, related experience study, and detailed reference and background checks.

Disbursement Services

Lenders Advantage

Lenders Advantage process uses a structure that is identical to the A.I.A. G-702, Application and Certificate for Payment. The general contractor provides the borrower with a comprehensive package including all invoices, releases, etc.  The owner reviews the request, approves it, and forwards it to our office. Our team will then review the documentation and forward the approved draw to the you the lender.

One check is issued to the general contractor for the net amount of the draw. The general contractor is responsible to pay the various subcontractors and suppliers that were included in the draw request. Before the next draw request is processed the general contractror is required to provide unconditional releases from those subcontractors and suppliers.  No future disbursement is granted until proof of disbursement is confirmed through releases.

Controlled Draw

Michael Perdue

Senior Vice President

US Metro Bank. 


Working with Integrity Joint Control, Inc. has simplified the complicated construction fund control process.

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Our Future Your Project

Moving your project into the future.

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Hat Creek Restaurants


 Integrity Joint Control is pleased to announce it new partnership with Keystone National Group. 


We will be overseaing the development of 2 projects for Hat Creek Burger located in Houstin, Texas and Klein, Texas.




Executive Management

Annmarie Lemento

President / CEO

  Annmarie has been working in the banking industry for over 30 years. Throughout her career she has developed a complete working knowledge of all aspects of construction lending, having managed and controlled the disbursements of hundreds of construction projects. Her skills encompass loan credit analysis, financial analysis, project analysis, contractor qualification studies, entitlement processes and safe and sound construction disbursement procedures.


  Annie's vast experience and knowledge provides our team a unique understanding of the perspectives and needs of financial institutions in the fund control arena.

Steve Macke


  Prior to co-founding Integrity Fund Control Mr. Macke had been active principal in virtually every aspect of the Southern California real estate market.  Steve is a licensed real estate broker, a seasoned developer, and a professional consultant to several renowned regional home builders.   Steve has developed a wide range of residential, industrial commercial projects including entry level condominiums, luxury estates and mixed-use office / retail with a focus on sustainable development.


Mr. Macke has provided consulting services to various national, regional and community banks, including; Washington Mutual Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Golden State Bank, California Business Bank regarding project feasibility and troubled asset analyses.  Steve is a graduate of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business with a degree in finance.




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IJC Difference

Today, many firms offer fund control services. Many of these firms successfully provide a very adequate template based services for the accounting, disbursement and inspections for construction loans.




The benefit of our Fund Control Fund team is our culmination of experience, unique understanding of the process and ability to interpret each situation to provide effective solutions that create mutually beneficial outcomes.

Unique Variables
Problem Solving

Fund Control in 3 Easy Steps


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Submit an approved budget.

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Questions - Unique Situations

Do you do Real Estate Owned inspections?

YES!  IJC can handle all the needs of a large or small REO portfolio. We visit each property to photograph and evaluate its condition and make recommendations regarding maintenance, health, and safety and code compliance issues. We also recommend scope and nature of repairs that can maximize return on the asset.

Can you perform Loan Portfolio Inspections?
Are you able to perform Entitlement Verification / Status analysis ?
Is a completion cost analysis something you can provide?

 YES!  Includes visit to the property to determine project status, a review of plans and specifications, and preparation of detailed line item costs to complete project. We also verify permit and inspection status with the governing jurisdiction.

What other services do you offer?

Construction Fund Control

like no other.



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