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Funds Control / Funds Disbursement

Funds Control is integral to ensuring a construction project’s timely and budgeted completion. Our team of construction professionals administers the Funds Control and Disbursements Program, managing payment applications and disbursements.

Our Role

Integrity’s fund control role includes:

  • Managing the pay application and disbursement process for a construction project.
  • Separating funds for different projects.
  • Thoroughly examining payment requests within each project to ensure validity and appropriateness.
  • Reviewing project progress to confirm it is on track before payments are made, often in conjunction with Construction Progress Monitoring.
  • Increasing transparency to bank regulators through thorough documentation inherent in a Funds Control and Disbursement program.
  • Reviewing pay application requests.
  • Collecting and reviewing supporting documentation.
  • Reviewing the percentage of work completed.
  • Tracking change orders.
  • Collecting lien waivers.
  • Distributing draw proceeds upon approval, ensuring timely and accurate payment to subcontractors.

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