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Document and Cost Evaluation

Real estate investments in construction projects carry inherent risks due to the multitude of factors influencing project success. Inadequate plans, over-optimistic timelines and budgets, and a limited understanding of the project’s final outcome can significantly jeopardize the likelihood of success.

Upon completion of a Document and Cost Review, Construction Progress Monitoring can further enhance construction risk management.

Scope of the Review

An independent document and cost evaluation, also known as pre-construction document and cost analysis, serves as a valuable tool in mitigating these risks. It involves the assessment of:

  • The overall scope of the proposed work
  • Completeness and adequacy of plans, specifications, contracts, and other construction documents
  • Appropriateness of the overall budget
  • Distribution of costs outlined in the construction budget’s line items
  • Proposed construction schedule

Required Documents

To conduct a comprehensive assessment, the following documents are typically required:

  • Civil, architectural, MEP, and structural plans and specifications
  • Construction contract, including exhibits
  • Detailed breakdown of construction costs
  • Proposed construction schedule
  • Geotechnical investigations

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