Help - Online Fund Control


This document is designed for the IFC Invitees as to how to login and use the IJC functions and various screens that Invitees may have access to and the action they can take.

The Basics

There are a few basic things to know:

1.    The Return Arrow: Goes back to the previous screen

2.    The Print: List of available Print Options

3.    The Profile: Goes to profile information (Account name, email, phone #, etc)

4.    The Actions: List of actions available

5.    The Help: Takes you to the IJC help website

6.    The Sign Out: Use to sign out of IJC Online

Logging In

1.    If multiple companies have invited you to use ""IJC Online" then a listing of those companies is available to choose from when first logging in

2.    Click on the View button to select the desired company; and the list of loans that are available to view or edit will appear

3.    Here is where the desired loan can be selected to view or edit

4.    Clicking the black triangle to the left of the loan name will open the loan details

5.    This is where different areas of the loan can be accessed and a list of all the players associated with that loan is shown.

6.    The Navigation section to the left are the different areas that can be opened

Budget Overview Screen

1.    The Budget Overview screen displays the Fund Source & budget details for a loan

2.    The Budget Report tab shows the line item breakdown for the budget

3.    The Budget Changes tab displays the changes that were made to the current budget

4.    The Draw Request tab displays the current draw requests

5.    Under the Draw Request tab a new draw request can be requested when clicking the Actions button at the top right and selecting Submit New Voucher Draw Request

6.    You can always go to the previous screen by pressing the back arrow.


1.    This is where the list of inspections for a loan are listed

2.    Any inspection that is red means that something needs to be addressed

3.    Click on the black arrow to the left to expand the view on the inspector request

4.    This is the Inspection Details screen where specific details about an inspection can be entered, and pictures can be uploaded.

Draw Requests

1.    Clicking the Draw Requests button in the Navigation menu will open the Draw Requests window

2.    This displays all the draw requests for the loan, the ones in red require an action

3.    Clicking the View button to the left opens the Draw/Invoice Request Detail screen

4.    Here is where the line items are displayed and if required, document can be approved by checking “yes” by the each designated authority (borrower, lender, general contractor)

5.    This screen also displays other details about the draw such as the draw number and date.